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Where Did Hanging Tree Dogs Originate?

Where Did Hanging Tree Dogs Originate?

My Take On The Hangin Tree Cowdog

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What Dog Breed Is Hanging Tree?

The Hanging Tree Cowdog is a unique breed created through a precise combination of four distinct breeds, each contributing specific traits and characteristics. This breed comprises 3/8 Border Collie, which infuses herding instinct and intelligence, 1/8 Catahoula, providing skills in trailing and locating cattle, as well as contributing to the dog’s sleek coat and ruggedness. Additionally, the Hanging Tree Cowdog features 1/4 Kelpie genes, which enhance endurance, maintain herding instincts, and result in a short, low-maintenance coat. This deliberate mixture of these four breeds has resulted in a versatile and capable working dog, perfectly suited for herding and cattle-related tasks.

What Is A Hangin Tree?

A hanging tree, also known as a hangman’s tree, is a tree historically employed for the purpose of carrying out executions by hanging, primarily in the United States. This method of capital punishment was prevalent in various regions of the country during different periods of its history. The term “hanging tree” is also commonly used informally across English-speaking countries to describe any structure, such as a gallows, designed for the same purpose of executing individuals by hanging. Hanging trees played a significant role in the history of the United States and its legal practices, serving as a chilling reminder of past justice systems and their methods of punishment.

What Is A Cattlemaster Dog?

“What exactly is a Cattlemaster dog?” Butch Dodson, hailing from Durant, Oklahoma, is known for his expertise in working with cattle using a unique breed of dog called the “Cattlemaster.” Dodson firmly asserts, “Other breeds have their merits, but I am convinced that border collies are the ideal choice for this task.” The Cattlemaster, a relatively recent breed, is the result of a deliberate crossbreeding effort that combines the traits of the border collie, bulldog, and Kelpie breeds. This innovative approach to breeding has garnered attention due to its potential advantages in cattle handling and ranching. This information was reported on August 28, 2012.

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Hanging Tree Dog As A Pet - Temperament, Life Span And Origin!
Hanging Tree Dog As A Pet – Temperament, Life Span And Origin!

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My take on the Hangin Tree Cowdog
My take on the Hangin Tree Cowdog

Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs all trace back to Gary Ericsson and his son Choc’s cow dogs. Over his lifetime, Gary bred the best cow dogs he could find, creating the Hangin Tree Cowdog breed.HANGIN’ TREE COWDOGS ARE A PRECISE MIX OF 4 BREEDS:

Border Collie for herding instinct and intelligence. ⅛ Catahoula for the ability to trail and find cattle, also for the slick hair coat and toughness. ¼ Kelpie for endurance and also herding instinct and short hair.A hanging tree or hangman’s tree is any tree used to perform executions by hanging, especially in the United States. The term is also used colloquially in all English-speaking countries to refer to any gallows.

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